Zal Sissokho & Buntalo

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Montreal, Quebec
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Not all West African musicians are griots, the conveyers of the oral traditions of the Kouyaté, Diabaté and Sissokho castes, the three major family groups that continue to hand down the memory of the Mandingo peoples. Zal Idrissa Sissokho has not only the name but also the traditions and background of this culture, in addition to an incredible talent for improvisation. Zal plays the kora and sings melodies, in both the Malinke and Wolof languages, that are inspired by or that borrow from the traditions of West Africa. In March 2017, Zal Sissokho and his group Buntalo released a third album: La Palabre. The palaver is the junction of words and action: say what one does and do what one says. By tackling the actual and overarching themes of society, Zal Sissokho playing with the unique sound of his kora and invites to a journey. His Afro-Mandingo accents, his mixed infuenced compositions and his committed words are again put forward, rising hope and rich collaborations.

1 show - $1500
2-3 shows - $1250
4-7 shows - $1250
8+ shows - $1250