Fever Dream an exhibition by Joseph Reyes


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Fever Dream is a celebration of Canadian imagery while using reoccurring fantastic personal imagery (tentacles, insects, etc.). Informing this work is Joseph’s experience growing up in Manitoba and fond recollection of the province. The series uses imagery in non-traditional ways to encourage viewers to find beauty in Canadian experience, expressing it in a non-traditional manner even in the most traditional of mediums, pen and ink. The series is thirty 10”x12” drawings. The work is created using miniscule text and images that portray the artists’ desire to return home to Manitoba.

“Living in a foreign country as an expat, art has increasingly become a way for me to express things that would be very difficult to. Thoughts and energy are channelled onto paper as a means to cope with issues, creating something beautiful out of my own internal dialogue. “ – Joseph Reyes

The small text is meant to play against the average person’s vision and patience. However, the human reflex to read text as well as the inherent joy of being voyeuristic pushes people to try to decipher the miniscule writing. Like most of his works exhibited, the creation of what are essentially public images using visual diaries is an examination of the relationship between the compulsion for public expression and a person’s (the artist’s) need for personal privacy.