Portage and District Arts Centre:More than just the art . . . Curated by Pauline Braun & Audrey Lute

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Time: 11:00 am - 05:00 pm

Portage and District Arts Centre
11-2nd Street NE
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba R1N 1R8

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Artists Pauline Braun and Audrey Lute initiated an art project which they believe is unique to MB. More than just the art... is based on a set of Artist's Book Ideation Cards which was designed for book artists by American artists Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. There are two decks in the set: Category Cards containing approximately eight cards in each of the seven categories, text, image, structure, paper, layout, technique and colour; and 54 Adjective Cards. If you choose a card randomly from each of the seven categories and five cards from the adjectives you get an unexpected recipe for a project.

It didn't take long for ideas to start flowing. They believed that these cards could be used for mediums beyond the book arts. What if they asked all the artists they knew to draw cards and make a work of art? Their list included emerging artists, mid-career artists, established artists, professional artists, art teachers, art students, art administrators, self-taught artists, artists with a formal education in the arts, and self-proclaimed "hobby artists". If they could contact them by email, their name was added to their list without regard to discipline or medium. Inevitably there were artists left out. They asked the invited artists to take a leap of faith and join them in an adventure. They asked that they keep their participation confidential.

Each invited participant was given a unique set of guidelines to use in constructing one work of art. There was one opportunity to trade a single category and a single adjective. Each artist was free to interpret the guidelines as they wished; no rules; no judging. The participants were given 12 months to complete the project. On completion of the work, they were asked to send in 3 images, one image with a full view of the work and two images with views of detail, along with a short statement and biography. The artists could, of course, opt out at any time.

Pauline and Audrey wanted the project to be fun but more importantly they wanted to encourage fellow artists to stretch themselves creatively and to work outside their comfort zones. It was about leveling the playing field between artists from different geographical areas, different lifestyles, and varying levels of art education and experience.

Audrey and Pauline had some simple goals in mind. They had no budget and no thought of soliciting money from the participants. They were committed to documenting the art and the process in a print-on-demand book and have created a website for the project